Interview Piece with Bemz

Bemz is a Glasgow based artist whom we are collaborating with in part of our upcoming AW 2020 line.
“Music and fashion go hand in hand like it is stupid to think otherwise. They compliment each other.” - Bemz.
Bemz first heard of Collection 26 a couple of years ago at one of the first pop up shops and has followed the brand ever since. Bemz likely came along to check out Walled Garden - another Scottish brand he heavily reps. Collection 26 has changed since the days of our first pop ups, Bemz agrees; “It’s more consistent if that makes sense. I can’t keep up like every day I'm on the Instagram page and I’m like how many pictures can I share. Jock is literally constantly on it and the fan base and business has obviously grown and it’s been brilliant to watch you know what I mean. It’s just class to see him go from little followers to 50k.”

This enthusiasm and genuine admiration for the brand means it makes sense to work together somehow. “Flex '' is one of his newest releases (you can now stream it on spotify and apple music). We heard the track and immediately knew it fit well with our newest AW lines, we are supply the resources for a music video to accompany the track where Bemz will be fully kitted out in the newest bits. He is just as thrilled by this opportunity as we are.

"It’s a brilliant collaboration in my eyes and you know the two hottest things in Glasgow coming to work together.”

 We asked Bemz how the Pandemic affected him and his creativity to which he responded positively. “It gave me a lot of time to reflect on myself and I was able to draw inspiration from things that have happened in the past. I try to keep my music as authentic as possible, I’m not really a person who would rap about having a fast car and having a million pounds when I still get the bus every day." Its true our boy has smashed lockdown, bringing out new tracks and collaborating throughout.

Bemz spoke about being a perfectionist and believing in quality over quantity, a value shared with ourselves; “Everything that people are hearing right now has been two years in the making. I was kind of nervous because after two years of not doing shit you don’t expect people to want to hear your music. The industry moves so fast  but I’ve received a lot of love for it so it’s been good I can't complain. I gained some new fans and some new listeners.”

This collaboration makes sense for ourselves, Bemz is incredibly down to earth and genuine, he is an ideal representative of the brand and what we stand for. Look out for the music video to flew dropping in September. 

Big thanks to Bemz (@jubemi1) for his time and honesty.

Interviewed by Natalia Anita @natalia_1308

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