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Collection 26 Glasgow
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Interview piece with Rahim Rahman

Rahim has modelled for the brand over the past two years, the following is the first piece in an interview series.
1. Where did you first hear about Collection 26?
 I first heard about collection 26 from a Facebook group called the basement, I would see the group mentioned in posts about independent brands and collection 26 was a brand that would always show up.
2. What is your work with the brand?

'I model for the brand's products; I've been doing it for over a year now and I enjoy it. Just recently done one yesterday and felt that went great.

3. In what way has the brand changed?

I feel that the brand has been working hard on their designs, yesterday I modelled for their Japanese influenced products and I really liked their design for that. It stood out and felt like something a streetwear brand stussy might do. Recently the brand has been working on tribute tees which are quite cool, I really liked the sopranos and Scarface tees. It's a bit of a change to some of their basic minimal products they're known to do which are also great, but I prefer to see some designs.

 4. How has streetwear changed?

As streetwear goes, I can't think of much of a change apart from the fit of the styles. It used to be slim fitted products but now streetwear has become a bit more oversized. A lot of streetwear is still heavily influenced by the Instagram culture, whatever the latest influencer wears makes an impact.

 5. How do you feel Collection 26 aligns with you?

 It aligns with a lot of my style; I like to wear a lot of minimal style and I feel that's a part of their branding. It's something I can wear with a t shirt and a jacket or overshirt. They do products that tie into the hip-hop culture like their Kendrick Lamar or Kanye West tees who I am a fan of.

 6. Had you modelled before Collection 26 reached out to you? 

 Collection 26 was my first modelling gig for a brand, I would take a few personal photos when my friend Hamzah bought his camera but collection 26 was the first brand. I was on sponsored ads on Instagram last year and it was a bit strange, but I quite liked the exposure I was getting. I would go to parties sometimes and people would point out that they've seen me in a collection 26 ads and I thought that was really cool. My friends would also notice me on Instagram, and they would see it repeatedly. I've even had family members all the way from Newcastle who have told me they have seen me in collection 26 ads. This shows the reach of the adverts and I think Instagram marketing is effective from looking at my past experiences.


Huge thanks to Rahim Rahman for all his work and time over the past two years.

Interviewed by Ellie Cooper @ellliecooper

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