AW 2020

Creating the Autumn Winter 2020 line we look back at our first designs from 2017 for inspiration. The line will drop in two parts - part one on the 28th of August and part two on the 25th of September. The line has been produced with the mentality of quality over quantity, evident in the detailed embroidery and careful print. I owe thanks to the work of; Hamzah (@razzah___photo), Rahim (@rahim_raham), Scott (@scottmurphy22) and Kyle (@kylefergg) in shooting and modelling the product, to Connull (@connull) for his design work and to the teams in both production and distribution. Ultimately we thank you, our customers, who have supported the brand and facilitated its growth in terms of sales but also in the curation of a community. - Jock (@jockrintoul)